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I'm Jeffrey Ball, and I'm a part-time artist. I am presently based in the St. John's, NL, Canada, area.

I began drawing in my high school art class, starting with pencil and charcoal. Portrait work was, and is, my favorite subject. In addition to this black and grey work, I have moved into a lot of colored ink pieces. I feel I have found my niche, predominately creating colorful pop art portraits.

Having a family, and working a full-time job, my artwork started strictly as a hobby. Sometimes years would go by before I'd draw anything at all. In 2018, my mother-in-law received terrible news, and was diagnosed with cancer. I was looking for a stress reliever / distraction, so I got back into my artwork.

I began sharing my work on my private/personal social media accounts, and then decided to open new public accounts. These public accounts would be solely for my artwork, and would prevent my private/personal accounts from being overrun with artwork. I had never intended to sell my artwork, and I couldn't even fathom that there would be an interest to purchase any of it! That said, in October (2018), I randomly received an inquiry about a Michael Jackson piece I had recently posted.

Following the sale of the Michael Jackson piece, interest in my work started to rise, and I began actively advertising my work for sale.

My Facebook and Instagram art accounts began to grow, and I started to get my work out in more public areas. I launched this website and online store, too.

I was also able to exhibit my artwork at local coffee company, Jumping Bean (Elizabeth Avenue), as well as restaurant, Mustang Sally's (Torbay Road). I can't thank the owners enough, as their support has afforded me a great deal of exposure.

"Jeff Ball Art" was launched out of a bad situation, as my mother-in-law's sickness nudged me back to my artwork. While she has since earned her angel wings, I know she's smiling down on me, and the success of my artwork!

Since "officially" launching in July 2018, over 500 pieces have been sold. Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate your support!

Jeffrey Ball


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